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Our Offerings

50-hour Yin Yoga Training

Thanks to the many students who requested both in-person and online versions of our trainings we are happy to announce that this is happening. Five offerings are available: a short 8-hour Yin Yoga session, full 50-hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training programs, 50-hour in person Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, the 40-hour Meditation Revealed course, and a 40-hour, in-person advanced anatomy course called Functional Anatomy. All of these trainings are eligible for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance. The online Yin Yoga Teacher Training course and the Meditation Revealed course are very similar to the in-person offerings with the added benefit of — you can watch the recordings of the presentations over and over again. In addition, there is an 8-hour anatomy and yoga course all about the spine, with one of the rockstars of spinal research, Stuart McGill. Details on these offerings are below.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts

We are offering both in-person and online trainings in 2024.

In these 50-hour live Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses, you will learn the techniques of yin yoga in a way that will allow you to share this practice with others. Bernie Clark and Diana Batts will guide you through the theory behind yin yoga, illustrating the physiological, energetic, and psychological benefits. You’ll also dive deeply into the practice, learning how to safely do yin yoga as well as teach it to others. Your teaching of all styles of yoga will be affected through many “Aha!” moments.

2024 dates are:

September 15 – 21, 2024 In-person (There are 2 spots left)

November 18 – 24, 2024 Online

Online On-Demand: Work at your own pace whenever you like

BONUS! All students registering for these trainings will also get a free one-year subscription to the weekly Welcome to the Yinside classes with Bernie plus access to the archives of all past classes. This is a $200US value, but you get it for $0!

All in-person trainings are in Vancouver, B.C. To learn more or to register for a training, please select the appropriate course in the calendar below.

40-hour Meditation Revealed Philosophy, Psychology and Practice

We are happy to announce that Meditation Revealed is available in an on-line, pre-recorded format. This course will examine what meditation is, why we do it and how to do it, from a variety of viewpoints: From Eastern Yogic and Buddhist views to Western Philosophy and Psychotherapy. The course will include training in Deep Meditation to give the student an experiential basis for the practice of meditation. Additionally for yoga students and teachers alike, the course will look at the context of yoga through its evolution thousands of years ago to the modern practice. Finally, for those asking for a second level Yin Yoga training, we consider this course to be the follow on to the Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, although you do not need to have take that course to attend this one.

Your Spine Your Yoga - course

Up-to-Date Knowledge and Practices to Increase Spinal Stability, Mobility, Endurance, and Well-Being. Professor Stuart McGill is a world-renowned expert in spine biomechanics. Along with Bernie Clark, he will lead you to discover:

  • The code—the science of the spine
  • The art—applying the science to your body
  • Practices—taking it to the mat

Through these 8 on-line yin yoga classes you will learn

  • The nature of yin and yang
  • To practice with intention and attention
  • The 3 principles of the yin yoga
  • The reality of human variations
  • To create a functional yoga practice
  • To develop anti-fragility
  • To develop mindfulness

Functional Anatomy — Advanced Study: Looking Beyond the Muscles

For yogis, athletes and dancers: A 40-hour in-person training with Bernie Clark in Vancouver, Canada

2025 dates are TBD

This is a second level Functional Anatomy training which goes beyond the basic information about anatomy and physiology offered in basic Yoga Teacher Trainings. Investigations will include determining your range of motion, what stops you from going further and whether it is a good idea to try to go further in certain areas. For teachers, the training will help you educate your students on their uniqueness and how to determine what works best for them, rather than being told what they can and cannot do. The term “functional” is used to contrast this approach to instructions and alignment which focus on “aesthetics,” which is a pre-conceived notion of how people should look rather than what actually works for them.