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Here are the developers of Yin Yoga
Click on their picture to visit their web site.

Sarah Powers
Sarah Powers

Social media (Facebook)
When this website was first launched in 2007, there was no social media, no Twitter, no Instagram and no Facebook. There were old-fashioned things called bulletin boards, but very few yoga students knew much about them. So, I launched the YinYoga Forum to provide a place to share information, experiences and ask questions. While the Forum still exists, today most people prefer the simplicity of Facebook. To help you find a group to contribute to or seek guidance from, here are a list of the ones I particularly follow.

While we are talking about Facebook, here are some other great yoga pages on yoga in general that I like


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Yin Yoga Podcasts
There are many teachers offering podcasts today, not only discussing what Yin Yoga is and how to practice it but full length classes are also offered.


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Books on Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga has become very popular over the last 10 years, and with this interest has grown the number of teachers writing about the practice. Here are some of the books I have either read, or at least become aware of. More will be written for sure, so I will try to keep this current. For the books I have read, I have offered my own thoughts on them, but for the other books the simplest way to describe them is to simply link to the Amazon page for each book. There you can read both descriptions of the books and also reviews from others.

The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga
Bernie Clark – 2011 with an introduction by Sarah Powers

Inside The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga readers will find complete information on how to do the practice, including a deep look inside over two dozen Yin Yoga postures showing the benefit of the pose, how to get into and out of the pose, contraindications and warnings for those who may have trouble with particular aspects of the posture and other important information. Classes, or flows, are also provided that target specific areas of the body such as the hips, the lower back, the legs and the upper body as well as flows that help stimulate particular organs and energy centers.

As important as how to practice Yin Yoga, are the benefits: the reader will find lots of information about why anyone would want to practice Yin Yoga. The benefits are explored in three main sections: the physiological benefits, the energetic benefits and the mental/emotional benefits. Within each section the philosophies of the East (India and China) are contrasted with the current science in the West.

Insight Yoga
Sarah Powers

Sarah Powers is widely known for her original ideas and techniques for using yoga both for health and spiritual growth. Combining traditional yoga techniques with the meridians of Chinese medicine and meditation, she has created a practice she calls Insight Yoga; a series of sequences that teaches both the dynamic flow poses (yang) and the more passive resting poses (yin) forms its foundation. Demonstrated by the author in beautiful photographs, the poses balance gentle stretches with dynamic moves for ultimate benefit to organs, muscles, joints, and tendons. Powers offers a basic explanation of Chinese medicine theory, as well as of Buddhist mindfulness meditation.

YinSights – A Journey into the Philosophy & Practice of Yin Yoga
Bernie Clark – 2007

YinSights was originally published as an electronic, web-book that allowed anyone with an Internet browser to discover the philosophy, physiology and practice of Yin Yoga. This original version is still available, however many readers found that trying to read and digest over 300 pages of information from a web site was difficult. They asked for a printed version of YinSights and their requests were answered in 2007 with the printing of a hardcopy version of the online material. With the creation of the newest book, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, the earlier hardcopy version of YinSights went out of print. However! You can still download the older PDF version of YinSights if you like, by clicking the button below, and you can still read the updated version totally for free online.

To buy the eBook version of YinSights:
Buy Now
Just click on the Buy Now.

Yin Yoga
Paul Grilley’s original book, the book that re-started a whole new form of yoga practice has been expanded and re-issued in celebration of 10 years of being in print. Even if you already have a copy of his original green book, you may find the new version even better. It has extra sections on anatomy, energy, yin & yang philosophy and much more. But it is still the great, concise book it has always been.

The Yin Yoga Kit
The Practice of Quiet Power
By Biff Mithoefer

In The Yin Yoga Kit Biff Mithoefer presents 14 poses used in Yin Yoga and explains each posture’s benefits, including which chakras and meridians will be most positively affected. The individual posture cards included illustrate the poses, provide advanced and modified variations, and assist users in designing a personalized practice sequence. The 75-minute CD contains a sample guided routine narrated by the author, with each pose presented on a separate track so listeners can rearrange them or shorten the routine as needed.

Biff Mithoefer teaches Yin Yoga at Omega Institute, Nosara Institute in Costa Rica, and throughout the United States. He lives in Dorset, Vermont.

The Therapeutic Yoga Kit: Sixteen Postures for Self-Healing through Quiet Yin Awareness
By Biff Mithoefer & Cheri Clampett

In The Therapeutic Yoga Kit, Cheri Clampett and Biff Mithoefer combine the gentle healing of Therapeutic Yoga and the quiet awareness of a yin practice to present 16 gentle postures that relieve stress and fatigue and promote recovery from injury and illness. Therapeutic Yoga is a blend of Restorative Yoga, gentle yoga, breathwork, and meditation that releases the body from the fight-or-flight response caused by traumatic events and life’s everyday stresses.

Brightening Our Inner Skies: Yin & Yoga
Norman Blair (with a foreword by Sarah Powers)

Beautifully written and designed, Brightening Our Inner Skies: Yin and Yoga practically and provocatively explores yoga, self-transformation and social responsibility. Both a meditation on the role of yoga practice in the world and a Yin yoga manual with over 140 photographs of poses as well as suggested sequences, this book takes the practice of yoga and self to profound levels through stories, images and well-researched debates.

Norman Blair lives in London, England and was was introduced to yin yoga in 2001 and has been studying with Sarah Powers since 2002.

Serenity Yin yoga : Rest yourself to a calm mind & healthy body
By Magdalena Mecweld (with foreword by Norman Blair)

“Serenity Yin yoga is beautifully crafted. Thousands of words have been expressed in wonderful pictures, explaining postures and options, flows and benefits, and the practice and practicalities of Yin yoga. This book will enhance any yoga library.” – Bernie Clark. Magdalena Mecweld is an experienced and much loved yoga instructor. This book was first published in 2012 in Sweden to great acclaim, garnering a devoted following. This is Magdalena’s first publication in English.

Be Heathy With Yin Yoga: The Gentle Way to Free Your Body of Everyday Ailments and Emotional Stresses
By Stefanie Arend (with forewords by Paul Grilley and Angela Montenegro)

Be healthy with Yin Yoga is a wonderful exploration of a wide variety of Yin Yoga postures, offering plenty of options for students at all levels. But is more than a list of asanas: it is an in-depth look at energy from a traditional Eastern perspective, combined with several stimulating exercises. Stefanie Arend shares her own personal journey with candor and insight. This book will complement any yogi’s library and practice.

Yin Yoga Books in Other Languages

In Danish – check out Yvonne Hansen Yin Yoga – Stærk dig til velvære (Stretch yourself to greater wellbeing) Extract from Volume 1 and Extract from Volume 2.

In French – check out Bernie’s Le Guide Complet du Yin Yoga as well as four presentation videos in French.  It can be ordered through

Also, check out Bernie Clark’s Your Body Your Yoga now offered in French.  It can be ordered through

Un livre magnifique dans lequel la technique et les instructions sont approfondies.  La photographie est superbe. Yin Yoga – Éloge de la lenteur  (A beautiful book with depth in both technique and instruction. Lovely photography as well.)

Also, check out Cécile Roubaud Yin Yoga – Respiration Méditation Simplicité.

In Italian – check out Bernie Clark’s La Guida Completa allo yin yoga now offered in Italian. It can be ordered through

In German – check out Bernie Clark’s Das groß e Yin-Yoga-Buch (The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga). It can be ordered throughße-Yin-Yoga-Buch-Bernie-Clark. Bernie Clark’s Your Body Your Yoga is also available in German and can be ordered throughörper-Yogaübungen-Anatomie-ausrichtet.  As well as the German translation of Your Spine Your Yoga that can be ordered through

Also, check out Stefanie Arend’s Yin Yoga and all her other books on yoga and fascia.

And, check out Helga Baumgartner’s Yin Yoga: Üben für innere Ruhe & Entspannung. Mit CD

In Korean – check out Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga now offered in Korean. It can be ordered through

Also, check out Your Body, Your Yoga available in Korean here, here and here.

And also, check out Your Spine, Your Yoga now available in Korean here.

In Polish – check out Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga now offered in Polish. It can be ordered through Yin Joga.

In Spanish – check out Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga now offered in Spanish GUIA COMPLETA DE YIN YOGA FILOSOFIA Y PRACTICA.

In Swedish – check out Magdalena Mecweld Vila dig i form med yinyoga.

In Turkish – check out Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga now offered in Turkish. It can be ordered through

Also, check out Bernie Clark’s Your Body Your Yoga available in Turkish.  It can be ordered through

In Russian – check out Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga now offered in Russian. It can be ordered through

In Czech – check out Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga now offered in Czech. It can be ordered through

In Dutch – check out Bernie Clark’s Your Body, Your Yoga now offered in Dutch. It can be ordered through

In Vietnamese – check out Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga now offered in Vietnamese.  It can be ordered through

Videos, DVDs, Cds and miscellaneous Yin-stuff
Here is a collection of cool things, from videos to apps that just keep proving that “Yin is in!

The Yin Yoga App by Magdalena Mecweld
Magdalena created the Yin Yoga app to get you in better shape. She has collected 30 of her most popular Yin yoga classes. You’ll find short sequences that you can perform any time of day, to longer classes that will revitalise your whole system. She has also included a longer guided “Still Rest” and a “Mindfulness Meditation.” Check it out at the iTunes store.

The Yin Yoga Manual
Norman Blair, based in London, England, has produced a new manual all about Yin Yoga. It is called YIN YOGA: Philosophy, practice, principles, postures. This 45 page manual is full of ractical benefits of Yin Yoga, its history, guidelines for safe practice as well as a good look inside: inside the body, the heart and the mind. If you would like to know more, contact Norman through his website.

Yin Yoga Poster
This poster of  Yin Yoga Asana Poses is now available online.  It is brought to you from the book ‘The Language of Yin’ by Gabrielle Harris. It contains over 80 Yin asana and variations including wall yin, this piece deserves a special place in your home studio. Use as a reference for home practice or class design, this easy to follow chart is clear, informative and detailed.


Yin Yoga DVDs

This first DVD is by Paul Grilley and the next three are by Sarah Powers. Every Yin Yoga teacher should at least have these!

These other DVDs are by some very experience Yin Yoga teachers and are worth a look.

Yin Yoga CDs and digital downloads

Does anyone listen to CDs anymore? Well, if so, here are a few you may find interesting, starting with Sarah Powers classic 2001 CD! And, if you aren’t into CDs, I am sure you can find a way to download the file without ordering an actual piece of plastic.

And here are a plethora of digital downloads!

Interviews & talks with Bernie

Yin Yoga Articles

Articles by Bernie
Yin Yoga? What’s that?
Playing the Fear of God Card in Yoga
How To Critically Analyze Yoga Articles

Power Posing: Viramudra & Jayamudra

How Long Will You Live? (& Can Yin Yoga Help You Live Longer?)

Pornographic Yoga

The Yin-side of Soul

Yin Yoga for the Knees

Issues in our Tissues: Looking at the Emotions We Store in Our Bodies

Not Too Much & Not Too Little: The Goldilocks Position

Every Body is Different

The Value of Stress

Yin Yoga for the Upper Body: The Wrists

Yin for the Upper Body: The Shoulders & Arms

Yin Yoga for the Upper Body: The Neck

Paul Grilley articles

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga Asanas
Paul Grilley – Yin Yoga: The Hip Series
on You Tube
Yoga Peeps talks to Paul Grilley: Episode 34
is an interview with Yoga Peeps founder Lara Cestone and Yoga Educator, Paul Grilley, of Ashland, Oregon. Paul teaches yoga worldwide.

Sarah Powers articles

This page from Sarah’s own website has a listing of all her writings and interviews. Set aside a few days and enjoy exploring!

The 5 Elements
by Cathy Keenan

The Daoist 5 Elements – Metal
The Daoist 5 Elements – Water
The Daoist 5 Elements – Wood
The Daoist 5 Elements – Fire
The Daoist 5 Elements – Earth

Other articles on Yin Yoga

Sophie LeGrand – 9 Things I’ve Learned about Yin Yoga
Paul Grilley – Why try Yin Yoga?
Sebastian Purcelle – Interview with Yin Yoga Teachers Paul & Suzee Grilley
Yais Nio – Yin Yoga for the Chakras-a Simple Sequence
Kaisa Kapanen – The Power of Yin Yoga (& Why It Makes Me Cry)
Sarah Lamb – Yin Yoga is Sexy
Sharon K. Cormier – The Hidden Secret of Yin Yoga. ~ Sharon K. Cormier
SoMuchYoga – What Is Yin Yoga: A Beginners Guide
Yoga Journal – Yin Yoga: Tips and Advice

Research related to Yin Yoga and yoga in general

A NEW Forum Thread: There is a new category for posts on the Forum: The Science behind Yin Yoga
This section provides an opportunity to share scientific articles and studies that shine some light on how Yin Yoga affects us. It is a bit of experiment, so check it out, contribute, and tell us what you think? (In the meantime, below are a few studies to whet your appetitie.)

Cell-Cell Interactions Adapt to the Stiffness of the Environment
Acupressure Relieves Low Back Pain
Yoga reduces cytokine levels known to promote inflammation, study shows
New Study Finds New Connection Between Yoga and Mood
Yoga May Elevate Brain GABA Levels, Suggesting Possible Treatment For Depression
Obesity And Heart Disease: Can Yoga Protect You?
Yoga As An Alternative Weight Loss Solution For Children

Other Yin Yoga Related Resources

Anatomy for Hatha Yoga
Paul Grilley

An invaluable resource for both yoga students and teachers, this comprehensive DVD includes nearly 4 hours of in-depth lectures, demonstrations and comparisons of human skeletal anatomy as it relates to yoga practice. Using a wide range of yoga students, acclaimed teacher Paul Grilley explains the key concepts of compression, tension, proportion and orientation. These concepts help us to understand why no two people will ever experience the same yoga posture in the same way. Paul’s light-hearted yet provocative approach will challenge many misconceptions about yoga while providing the foundation for the development of a truly personal yoga practice. This DVD is encoded for all regions.

Books on Energy Medicine by James Oschman

Books by Dr. Motoyama
Dr. Motoyama was the inspiration for Paul Grilley, and later Sarah Powers, to delve deeper into the mysterious connection of the physical movements in yoga and the movement of energy through the subtle body. Sarah has described Dr. Motoyama as a yoga adept. Dr. Motoyama’s brilliance is not limited to his psychic abilities. He held two PhD degrees. He is also a Shinto priest, one highly respected in Japan. His ability to move freely between the worlds of the spirit and of the physical allowed him to investigate his own abilities using the rigors of Western science and medicine. Here are a few of Dr Motoyama’s books that are highly recommended by Paul Grilley.

One last important link

In addition to the above Yin Yoga related links, here is another link that every yogi and yogini may find, not just interesting, but invaluable. Yoga places a strong emphasis on awareness: when we practice our yoga, we strive to maintain an open awareness of what is happening right now in our body and minds. This inner awareness serves us well. In addition to building this inner awareness, it is equally important to maintain and build our external awareness. This link will help you do just that.

Visit please Mind The Planet to expand your
external awareness. If what you find resonates with you, tell others.