By Bernie Clark

Ear:Listen up everyone. I just heard we are going to do a Yin Yoga class. Anyone know what that is?
Quadricep:Yoga! Great time to get me pumped up. I love Yoga.
Bicep:Great for you. All the Yoga we do is extension, extension, extension. When are we going to do some flexing?!
Ear:No no! I heard that this will be different. This is Yin Yoga.
Eyes:We read something about that recently. Yin Yoga works the body differently. More emphasis on the deeper tissues; the joints and it can even help the bones themselves.
Femur:The bones?! That sounds great. When do we start?
Eyes:Looks like we will start quite soon. We are already at the Yoga centre.
Knees:Oh oh we get the feeling this is going to be painful. After our last class we were in agony for days. When is the ego going to get the message? This Yoga stuff is hard on us.
Heart:Don’t count on Ego to stop. It never listens to anyone.
Mouth:Hey knees don’t get all bent out of shape. I told someone just last night all about Yin Yoga. This will be good for you. This type of Yoga will actually stimulate the connective tissues all around your joints, and then when the stimulus stops, nurturing takes over making you stronger than before. Also we are going to stimulate the Meridians!
Meridians:We are going to stimulate me? Ego doesn’t even know I exist why is it going to do me any favours?
Mouth:Well, all I know is what I said. Intellect has been studying a lot of stuff lately about how within us there is connective tissue running through out our whole body
Connective Tissue:About time we got some recognition!
Mouth:Don’t interrupt when I’m talking! as I was saying the connective tissue is like a big liquid crystal lattice running everywhere, interconnecting all our organs. CT is even inside our smallest cells
C.T.:I am?!
Mouth:Shhh … This liquid crystal nature of C.T. means that every time we move even if it is just a small breath, we create a bio-electronic impulse which moves through the tissues. And the path this energy takes turns out to be our Meridians.
Meridians:Of course. CT and I are very close you know. When he moves, I move.
Mouth:You said it, Mer. This bio-electronic energy is different than the stuff that flows through Nerve. This is piezoelectric man!
CT:Piezo-what-tric? Wow that’s a mouthful.
Mouth:Piezoelectricity. Hey Eyes you ever see those kids sneaker’s that light up when they walk? Well that is what happens when a crystals are bent. They create a tiny current. That’s what happens in CT too every time we move.
CT:Cool but why do we need that. Doesn’t Nerve take care of us?
Intellect:CT, suppose we were going to cook something but we don’t know how high to heat the oven? We call mom on the cell phone and she tells us to turn the oven to 350 degrees. The energy needed to turn on the oven is electrical; lots of energy to run that machine. That’s like Nerve’s energy. But to run our cell phone’s computer chip requires just a little bit of energy. That is electronic. So really it is this bio-electronic energy that keeps us doing what we need to do. This is a deeper level of intelligence and communication than what Nerve does for us. This is how we interconnect within ourself.
Knees:How is any of this going to protect us?
Eyes:Look out here comes our first pose. Looks like it will be the butterfly.
Knees and Groin:(Groan) – this is going to hurt. Brace ourself! Hey wait a minute this isn’t so bad. He is going slow this time. I just feel a nice edge here. Hey breath can you come down here and help us out a bit? I think we can ease into this a little more.
Breath:I was wondering when you guys were going to notice me. I have been keeping you all calm while you were trying to panic about this new Yoga style. OK let’s ease on in a bit deeper now into this butterfly. Careful don’t push too much. There now we can go a little deeper. How does that feel?
Groin:Just about right. A nice sensation, without it being sensational.
Knees:We don’t feel a thing! This is great.
Meridians:Knees may not feel anything but I am getting turned on! My channel to Kidneys and Liver are getting juiced by the compression in the groins and at the same time my Urinary Bladder channel is getting turned on by being stretched along the lower back. This is amazing. I can actually talk to the organs again!
Kidneys:That you Meridian? Where you been? I was so afraid we’d never see you again.
Liver:Yeah I have been really pissed off by you ignoring us. ‘Bout time you paid us a visit.
Meridians:Don’t blame us. We have wanted to get around to you for a long time. Ego just wasn’t letting us visit anybody. This type of Yoga is really activating us in many areas.
Sciatica:Hi guys! Remember me? I am back!
Legs:Oh no not this pest again. Whenever we start holding forward bends he always shows up. Someone please tell Ego to stop doing forward bends. They are killing us. Pain!
Pain:I will see what I can do but you know often Ego ignores me. The only guy he has ever listened to is Breath. Remember that time Breath tried his experiment? He went away for a few minutes and Ego was totally freaking out. Maybe Breath should wait a minute what’s going on?
Eyes:I see us reaching for a sitting cushion! We are lifting up onto it. Hey legs, how you doin’ down there?
Legs:This is good. Sciatica? You still there?. Nope. That little bugger is all gone now!
Intellect:I guess the lesson for this Yoga is – if you are going to hold a pose for a long time make sure there is absolutely no pain, just that nice sensation groin is getting. Use a bolster or something to avoid aggravating existing problems.
Wrists:I would suggest we add something to that lesson. I have been hanging here listening to you guys, half scared to death that we are going to do a handstand and hold it for five minutes or more. That wouldn’t be any good for me at all.
Triceps:Actually I was kind of looking forward to trying something like that. That could help get me going.
Wrists:Not for five minutes! I would have given out on you long before then.
Intellect:Wrist is right. This Yin Yoga doesn’t target the muscles. That would be too much over such a long period. But it is just right for the connective tissues. Isn’t that right CT?
CT:Yep – Meridian and me are really enjoying this. Why don’t you guys just go on a little vacation and let us soak this stuff up.
Adductors:Not so fast CTI am kind of enjoying this too. Yin Yoga may be great for stimulating you and Meridian but I am getting a nice stretch as well.
Hamstrings:Me too! With Feet not really tucked in to Groin I am getting some juice as well.
Breath:(Sigh) we are all getting a lot out of this Yoga. All is calm throughout the body. Even my twin, the Mind, is quiet. You know how unusual that is! Normally the only time he is this quiet is when he is deep asleep.
Mind:I heard that! I’ll have you know that I am wide-awake. I’ve just been watching quietly. And now that we have opened up Groin and Lower Back and Meridian there, we are going to wake up some other areas. Stand by to move to a new posture!
Body:Mind, Breath – good job!
This is great. Thanks a lot.
We really needed this!

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