Society’s disgust for Tantra’s teachings resulted in the evolution of a new school of yoga: Hatha Yoga, which arose from Tantra Yoga. Hatha kept many of the practices that Tantra developed, but just as Tantra discarded what it didn’t like of Classical Yoga, Hatha also dropped the unsavory parts of Tantra. Hatha Yoga focused its practices on building a healthy body, one that would be perfect for the higher practices of mediation and samadhi. In this respect Yin Yoga is just one of many branches of Hatha Yoga. The objective in the Yin Yoga practice is also to prepare us for the deeper spiritual inquiries into reality, and eventually enlightenment. Along the way many physical, emotional, and mental benefits are obtained.

Hatha Yoga is often called the ladder to Raja Yoga. Raja means kingly or royal. Raja Yoga contains the higher limbs of the Yoga Sutra: dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. Yin Yoga also prepares us to work with the mind at progressively deeper levels. To do so requires insight and dedication. These are qualities that yoga shares with the ancient practice of the Buddha, who was also an accomplished yogin.