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Dangling Pose Benefits:

  • Gentle stretch for the lower spine
  • Loosens the hamstrings and warms up the quadriceps
  • Compresses the stomach and internal organs
  • Builds strength in the diaphragm while providing a massage for the abdominal organs
  • Cures menstrual cramps


  • Avoid if you have high blood pressure. [1] Related conditions that are a problem when blood pressure is increased include diabetes and glaucoma. If you have these conditions, you may wish to avoid this pose.
  • If you have low blood pressure, to come out of the pose, roll up to standing slowly or go into a Squat Pose to avoid dizziness.
  • If you have a bad back, bend your knees a lot! You can also rest your elbows on the thighs.
  • If you have any lower back disorders that do not allow flexion of the spine, then do not allow the spine to round: keep the back as straight as you can and bend the knees a lot.

Getting Into the Dangling Pose:

  • Stand up with the feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees and fold forward. Clasp the elbows with the opposite hands.

Alternatives & Options:

  • Bend knees more, which will strengthen the quadriceps and release the back.
  • Rest your elbows against a table, chair, or on your thighs if your back feels strained.
  • Caterpillar Pose is an easy alternative; sit down with your legs straight.
  • If you do this pose more than once, try it with your legs bent first and straight the second time.
  • If you’re flexible, try holding the wrists behind the legs but still with some rounding to the back.

Coming Out of the Dangling Pose:

  • Bend your knees a bit more and release your hands to the floor. Slowly roll up. This is often called Rag Doll.
  • You can place your hands onto your shins, come up halfway, and then fold back down. Do this a couple of times, and come up with a straight back when you feel ready.

Counter poses:

Meridians & Organs Affected by Dangling Pose:

  • Due to the intense stretch along the back of the legs and spine, the Urinary Bladder meridian is highly stimulated
  • Great for the liver, spleen, and kidneys. [3]

Joints Affected:

  • The Spine.

Recommended Hold Times:

  • Three minutes can be intense. Sometimes, this pose is done in two or more sessions, separated by two minutes of Squat Pose.

Similar Yang Asanas:

  • The yang version is known as Uttanasana, but in the Yin Yoga version, the emphasis is not to stretch the hamstrings a lot but rather to release the lower back. If the legs are straight, it is a nice stretch for the hamstrings, but some muscular effort is needed. If the knees are bent, it is a great strengthener for the thigh muscles and allows the back to release more fully.

Other Dangling Pose Notes:

  • Ensure the arches of the feet are lifting
  • Balance the weight between toes and heels. You can gently sway or wobble, but no bouncing.
  • Straight legs stretch the hamstrings; bent knees strengthen the thigh muscles.
  • It is more yin-like to bend the knees, bringing the chest to the thighs (you’ll receive a stomach massage, too).
  • You can intermix this and Squat. Eventually, hold both for four minutes or more in total.
  1. — Poses where the head is below the heart can increase blood pressure.
  2. — For example, Upward Facing a Cat, lying on your stomach, or sitting cross-legged with hands on the floor behind you, lifting your chest and hips forward.

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  1. — Iyengar, Light on Yoga.