On this page you will find links to research being done in the science or medical communities that relate in someway to yoga. We are not limiting ourselves to only Yin Yoga but we are opening the door to show how the West is discovering the myriad ways that yoga affects and improves our well-being.

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This section provides an opportunity to share scientific articles and studies that shine some light on how Yin Yoga affects us. It is a bit of experiment, so check it out, contribute, and tell us what you think?

Research Relating to Yin Yoga

Cell-Cell Interactions Adapt to the Stiffness of the Environment
Acupressure Relieves Low Back Pain


Research & Articles Relating to Yoga in General

The Daoist 5 Elements – Metal by Cathy Keenan
The Daoist 5 Elements – Water by Cathy Keenan
The Daoist 5 Elements – Wood by Cathy Keenan
The Daoist 5 Elements – Fire by Cathy Keenan
The Daoist 5 Elements – Earth by Cathy Keenan
Yoga practice for competitive bodybuilders
New Study Finds New Connection Between Yoga and Mood
Yoga May Elevate Brain GABA Levels, Suggesting Possible Treatment For Depression
Obesity And Heart Disease: Can Yoga Protect You?
Yoga As An Alternative Weight Loss Solution For Children