Praise for The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga

“Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga is one of the best yoga resources now available”, Paul Grilley—author of Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice

If you’ve even wondered why Yin Yoga is different from other forms of yoga, and how it benefits the body, this is the book to have—

When I read Bernie Clark’s Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, I found (a) special blend of science, anatomy, Eastern philosophy and wisdom. All is presented in a very engaging and accessible style, topped with some fine jokes and efficient similes, which keep heavier concepts highly digestible. Like in Bernie’s classes, the reader will find different degrees of reading. So, whether you are just interested in the technical aspects of the practice or if you want to dig further into the anatomical, energetic and emotional aspects of it, abundant knowledge is available to you. If you are naturally allergic to anything scientific, Bernie’s strategic use of analogies might help you overcome your aversion. In his book, fascia becomes a pack of shrinkwrapped sausages and cells are a bag of soup.—Sophie LeGrand, Elephant Journal

Clark’s book is well-organized with good explanations of the philosophy and practice of yin yoga and how it has been influenced by Indian Yoga and Chinese Medicine. The Chinese Daoist view is interwoven throughout the book so that the reader will have a much greater understanding of yin/yang, chi, the organ systems and meridians. Moreover, Clark has integrated the Indian yoga and Western science perspectives to show how the three views complement each other to support the healing nature of yin yoga—

The best guide to Yin Yoga ever—Barnes and Noble

This book is by far the greatest investment I have made, especially for Yoga. If you are somebody who enjoys Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Hot Yoga classes – consider the slow pace styles as well! This beautiful book explains the importance of having both fast pace practices, and slow paced practices. It’s outstanding, and definitely teaches you the benefits of Yin. Worth every penny, and will greatly add to your journey to have this book on your shelf. —

The Yin Yoga Bible: For those studying yoga, especially yin yoga, then this is THE book to have. It’s an informative and engaging resource that I continually dip in and out of. A great resource tool for any yoga teacher—Booktopia and Goodreads