In the Yoga Sutra we were told of the five kleshas, or hindrance to our practice. These were ignorance (avidya), the ego or I-making (asmita), attachment (raga), aversion (dvesa), and the fear of death or the clinging to life (abhinivesah). The Buddha taught that there are five mental hindrances, called the “kilesa,” [1] that serve to distract our minds and prevent us from living in this moment. The five are:

  1. Desire, which leads to clinging and craving
  2. Aversion, which leads to anger or hatred
  3. Sleepiness or sloth
  4. Restlessness
  5. Doubt

We will visit each hindrance more closely starting with desire.

  1. — The Sanskrit version of this Pali word is “klesha.”

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