The goal of the practice of Tantra Yoga is, fundamentally, to release Shakti, and move her up the central channel of the body, to meet with Shiva who is waiting for her just above the crown of the head. Of course, like all yogic teachings, there are some schools that claim the exact opposite is what must happen; Shakti must descend to the waiting Shiva. In either case, the tools mostly used to awaken and move the sleeping Shakti are the tools of pranayama. Tantra also describes in detail the subtle body anatomy, which prana animates. [1] Pranayama, however, is not the only tool available. Tantra has a broad offering of techniques and practices. They include:

Our journey takes us now to look at these Tantric practices.

Shiva and Shakti by Violette
  1. — We have already reviewed this energy anatomy in the section The Yogic View of Energy. The practices of pranayama are described in more detail in Chapter 15: Moving Energy.

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