The above categorization of Chi is not the only model used. Some Chinese practitioners break Chi into many kinds. Just as the yogis in India discovered ten kinds of prana, some Daoist scholars have found thirty-two different types of Chi. Chi has been described as:

  • Yuan Chi – Original Chi given before birth, which governs our zang/fu organs. [1] )
  • Gu Chi – Chi from food, also called Grain Chi.
  • Kong Chi – Chi from air.
  • Zong Chi – Gathering Chi created by combining Gu Chi and Kong Chi. Zong Chi circulates the blood.
  • Zheng Chi – True Chi created from Zong Chi when it is acted on by Yuan Chi. This is the Chi most often referred to in texts.
  • Ying Chi – Nourishing Chi, which nourishes the organs and produces blood.
  • Wei Chi – Defensive Chi, which protects and warms the body.

Like Ching, a certain amount of Chi is given to us before our birth but we can also gain more Chi through our diet, breath, exercise, and meditation.

  1. — See the section The Organs coming up for details.