You can build models of many things but remember… they are just models.

It is important to point out again that all these models are simply that: models. They are not attempts to describe the way the body really works, or to claim as fact anything posited. Models are simply tools to predict certain behavior and to assist us in developing interventions to correct malfunctions. Models are rarely one hundred percent accurate or complete. Models constantly evolve as new information is uncovered. It is part of the scientific method to test all models rigorously. Debate is not just welcomed, it is essential in order to push the boundaries of knowledge.

To be complete, the reader may wish to visit several Web sites that take issue with the Eastern models. Quackwatch is one site that will offer a definite and strong counter viewpoint to many of the claims discussed above. The Committee for the Scientific Investigations of Claims of the Paranormal also presents alternative views.

If the models we have reviewed do seem valid, they would also lead us to consider the impact of electromagnetic fields occurring around us, not just those inside of us. Every home that is wired for electricity has these fields. Whatever can heal also has the potential to harm, if misused. A complete list of the dangers that exist and how we could protect ourselves from these dangers is beyond the scope of our journey. But let’s have a brief look into this area.