Our blood is mostly water with a lot of salts and minerals dissolved within it. Water saturated like this turns out to be an excellent conductor for electricity. It is not surprising that an ECG will pick up signals from the heart throughout the body. The heart’s electrical field touches every part of us. Its magnetic field is also pervasive. The signals from the heart have been speculated to send information throughout the system. Unfortunately, the followers of the current medical paradigms have seen fit only to use the presence of the body’s electric fields as a diagnostic tool, and have not worked out any therapeutic procedures that could tap into these fields. As we will see, alternative medicine practitioners have used this knowledge in a therapeutic way.

So far we have discussed only how an electron in motion gives rise to a magnetic field. The reverse is also true. A moving magnetic field can create an electric current. This is how an electric generator works: a magnet is placed within a coil of wires. When the magnet is rotated, electricity is created. Conversely, if electricity is run through the coil, the magnet rotates; that is the basis for an electric motor. Not only does our body create magnetic fields, our bodies can be affected by magnetic fields.

As mentioned earlier, John Zimmerman, the inventor of SQUIDs, began some interesting research in the early 1980s at the University of Colorado on the magnetic fields of touch therapists. A similar but more detailed study was done in 1992 in Japan. [1] The results of these studies showed that a therapeutic touch specialist emitted from her hands magnetic fields that varied at low frequencies, ranging from 0.3-30 Hz. [2] Most of the magnetic field frequencies centered around 7-8 Hz but the fields continuously spanned the range of frequencies. Of course, the therapists had no idea of what they were doing; they were just doing their thing.

The Japanese study included not just therapists but also Chi-gong masters, Zen masters, yogis, and meditators. Similar results were obtained. The strongest fields measured were a thousand times stronger than the field of the heart. [3]

  1. — See James Oschman’s book Energy Medicine, page 78.
  2. — A Hertz (or Hz) refers to the number of times each second that the magnetic field switches direction. Thirty Hz means the field switches thirty times each second. A 0.3 Hz measurement means the field switches every three seconds.
  3. — Interestingly, at times the emitters of these fields would lose their abilities. One possible cause for this is the ever-changing frequency of the earth’s magnetic field. Normally the earth’s field switches at something known as the Schumann’s frequency, which is in the range of 7-10 Hz. However certain events like solar flares can change this and may cause therapists and other Chi masters to have lesser or greater abilities at those times.