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We have received many requests to make YinSights easier to read on the computer and to print out. We have also been asked many times to publish YinSights in book form. We are happy to announce that all your requests have been answered.

YinSights PDF Version 1.1 – The Philosophy & Practice of Yin Yoga has the complete book in the latest PDF version (which is Version 1.1 and was released in August of 2007). This PDF version is more current than the previously offered versions and has many typos and inaccuracies corrected. This version has the same information as the book but also allows you to use bookmarks or the table of contents to quickly go to your page of interest. Also, because this is a PDF book, the web links are still active: you can click within the book and jump to web pages outside the book to investigate topics in more detail. Unlike the book version of YinSights, which is in a 6 inch by 9 inch format, the PDF version is in an 8.5 inch by 11 inch format, which makes it easy to print out selected pages or sections. This PDF file is just under 9 megabytes and costs $5.95 US.

Please Note: Several users have had difficulty downloading the PDF files. They received messages such as “the root is missing or damaged” or “the files are damaged”. In all these cases updating the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader solved the problem. If you experience this problem as well, please try installing the latest version of Adobe. You can get it from this web site

Final Note: For security reasons, you will only be allowed 3 attempts to download your copy of the PDF version of YinSights. If you still have difficulties after that, please email us at Also, please SAVE the file to your own computer, rather than OPEN the file. If you only OPEN the file, you will not have your own copy.