We have just looked at a yin-view of bandhas; to balance ourselves, let’s look at how yang movements can help us be healthier. Let’s look at the yang-side of fuzz! Fuzz is a made up word, made up by a fascinating guy named Gil Hedley. Gil is a somanaut; someone who journeys deep inside the physical body [1].

In Gil’s exploration he has discovered some fascinating things about our bodies, including the fact that we often get all fuzzed-up! Fuzz is a kind of filmy fascia that occurs daily all over our bodies; it looks like wispy cotton candy. Normally, each day’s fuzz is broken by moving our bodies but sometimes, when we don’t move, fuzz can start to build up. Over time, the fuzz fibers start to “intertwine and intertangle” and an adhesion occurs between the normally sliding surfaces of the body. We become “fuzzed-over” and stiffen up.

When we feel stiff and inflexible, we often assuming that what is restricting us is our muscles: they have become short and stiff. Sometimes this is true, but often the cause of lack of mobility is found in our connective tissues. And, sometimes, as Gil explains, it is because we have allowed fuzz to accumulate. Rather than read about fuzz, click on “The Fuzz Speech” below, and watch Gil explain it to you in an entertaining and educational way.

When the otherwise sliding surfaces of our body become fuzzed over, they become stuck to the next surface. We lose the mobility we would normally have in that region. Yoga is just one modality that can allow us to loosen up these restrictions. Yang yoga is excellent at creating movement and opening these fuzzed over areas. Gil points out, in a response to a question, “Our bodies are capable of dissolving and adjusting all of the substances of which we are made. That said, signals of movement and position/stress vectors convey information to our internal matrices to dissolve or build up accordingly.”

Life is a balance of yin and yang. While we all love being yinsters for a while, don’t forget we also need to be yangsters some of the time too! We need to move, to create mobility to be at our natural best. Yin is in, but so is yang.


  1. — If you ever wanted to investigate the body from the inside out, sign up for one of Gil’s Somanaut Workshops. You can find a lot more information about Gil and his work on his website www.gilhedley.com.

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