Philosophy, Psychology and Practice
How To Meditate and Why


A 40-Hour Course

This course will examine what meditation is, why we do it and how to do it, from a variety of viewpoints: From Eastern Yogic and Buddhist views to Western Psychotherapeutic understanding. The course will include personal, one-on-one training in Deep Meditation*, as well as group instruction, to give the student an experiential basis for the practice of meditation. Students will be expected to meditate twice daily by themselves. Knowing why meditation works, and the range of benefits we can receive from meditation, helps to motivate us to establish and keep a regular daily practice. Knowing the obstacles that may arise during the practice will help us to be more vigilant, and to take things as they come. This course will be a balance of theory and praxis helping you to establish a solid meditation practice.

*The course is open to all students regardless of whether they have never meditated before or already have a regular practice, even if it is not in the Deep Meditation tradition. However, we do request that all students, even experienced students, for the duration of the course, use the Deep Meditation technique so that everyone can share in the common experience, which will assist in group discussions and personal feedback. While various styles of meditation will be discussed, we will only practice this one style of meditation.

The Meditation Revealed Course will include:

  • Group Instruction in Deep Meditation
  • A Historical Overview of Meditation
  • Understanding the role of Meditation in Various styles of Yoga
  • The Differences in Intention of Various Styles
  • The Anatomy of the Mind: Eastern and Western Views
  • The Benefits of Meditation – Physically, Psychologically and Spiritually
  • Triggering the Relaxation Response
  • Creating Sacred Spaces and the Time to Meditate
  • Dealing With Obstacles
  • The Importance of Praxis
  • A Meditation Revealed Manual
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Follow-up Meetings After the Course

For 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teachers the credits of the course are eligible for 40 hours Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance. CEUs are required by YA to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Teacher. Upon completion of this course and full payment, students will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting participation and attendance.

DatesJune 13th-19th 2022
Daily ScheduleMonday to Sunday 8:00AM-1:30PM PT – including a 30-minute ‘lunch’ break
Total Hours40 – including 5 hours of self study/practice time
FormatFull Time or at your own pace
LocationOnline (Zoom)  through Yoga International


Feedback from Previous Attendees:

  • Exceeded my expectations
  • I particularly appreciated the unbiased and open style of teaching
  • There was a lot of information and I enjoyed this
  • I appreciated the practical advice, including the discussions of pitfalls and strategies to create a practice
  • I enjoyed the tapestry woven with facts, myths, science and practice
  • Nathalie was easy to talk to, gave clear instructions and meaningful explanations
  • Bernie’s presentations were excellent: a great mixture of science, history and mythology
  • The course was complete: theory, practice and philosophy

About the Instructors:

Nathalie & Bernie Nathalie Keiller: Nathalie has been a meditator for more than 20 years and has taught Deep Meditation since 2005. Her meditation practice started in 1991. From then her inspiration in sharing the experience of inner peace led her to deepen her studies. Believing that continuous learning requires a commitment to teaching, she is enjoying the path under the guidance of her principal teacher, Denis Cléroux, senior instructor since 1973, formally trained by a great master. Her passion for learning and sharing the depths of meditation is the core engine of her life and vocation. To learn more about Nathalie, please visit her web site.

Bernie Clark: Bernie has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1998. He has a bachelor degree in Science from the University of Waterloo and combines his intense interest in yoga with an understanding of the scientific approach to investigating the nature of things. His ongoing studies have taken him deeply inside mythology, comparative religions and psychology. All of these avenues of exploration have clarified his understanding of the ancient Eastern practices of yoga and meditation. Bernie is the author of YinSights, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, Your Body, Your Yoga and From the Gita to the Grail as well as the creator of