Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release work

Check here for questions about Yin Yoga and hips. (Note: discussions about sciatica are in the Spine forum.)
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Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release work

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Hi Bernie-
What is your view on how Yin Yoga and MFR interface? As previously mentioned, I am pretty tight in the hips and there is some hiatal hernia push up due to the tightness and issues being held in the hips. I am holding YY poses longer but certainly not overstretching and that helps. I am also doing self massage to the pelvic area as well as emotional release work. I have a ball I sometime use(kind of a firm nerf-type ball that also helps MFR tissue).
thanks for insights.
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Myofascial release

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Hi Sam

I think that is all good. Yin yoga is great, but it is far from the only method of opening us up. I am a great believer in massage too. We need to move! Move the tissues of the body in as many ways as you can. Body rolling (on balls and rollers) can be juicy, fun and very effective.

There are many reasons why we are tight: physical (short muscles, fasica, ligaments, adhesions, scar tissue, etc), emotional (the fear of moving too deep or too quickly is often due to the risk of breaking open some emotional scar tissue) and psychological (sometimes we just don't believe we can do it!) Since we have so many potential and actual causes of our immobility, we are well served by using as many modalities as possible to reopen the body. Don't forget diet! Stay hydrated, eat lots of above ground vegetables, avoid high glycemic foods, and take supplements (like Vitamin D). Its all good.

Finally, again, for hips - one of the best ways to open stubbornly tight hips is to live on the floor.

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