Sequencing for the Meridians

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Jessica Powers
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Sequencing for the Meridians

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While I myself enjoy doing several poses on one side before repeating on the second side, I am unsure if there is any benefit in this manner of sequencing when the target is the meridians and energy body rather than the physical body. Anybody care to weigh in? Thanks in advance!
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Namaste' Jessica sorry it took soooo long to respond, but here's what I learned from my students. I got the idea from these very posts a few years ago about 1 sided flows, it may even have been from you! They LOVE it! And have told me that they feel a deeper opening with each pose in the sequence, with feeling of "peace and contentedness" after the practice. Learning from my students never grows old! I do the following pose sequence in a "fusion" type flow, mixing back and hip flows, targeting liver, kidney, stomach and spleen.

Opening Meditation in Hero Pose
Dragonfly, Down the center (Spine intention) - 5m
Butterfly (Spine intention) - 5m

The next five pose done on after another, no rest for Hips;
Baby Dragon (Right leg forward) - 2m
Sleeping Swan (Right leg forward) - 4m
Square Pose (Lt Foot on Rt Knee) - 2m
Eye of Needle (Lt Foot on Rt Knee) - 4m
Twisted Roots (Lt Foot to floor) - 2m
Apanasana for a 1-2m rest, on to the other side

Caterpillar Pose - 5m
Sphinx to Seal pose - 3+2 (5m Total)
Child's Pose - 1m
Happy Baby - 3m

This works great for a 75 min class. Let me know what you think!
Om shanti.
aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwata
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