re yin yoga pose

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re yin yoga pose

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why yin yoga don't have sun salutation ?
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Yin Sun?

Post by Bernie »

Once again, it depends upon what you mean by "yin"? In the Yin Yoga style that we describe here (and is taught by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, among many others), we want to deliberately quiet the muscles (the yang tissues) so that we can work the deeper connective (yin) tissues of the body. Sun Salutations require movement, which means engaging the muscles, which in turn means we can not deeply stress the yin tissues of the body.

However! If you are thinking of "yin" as just a quieter way to do a movement based yoga practice, then - yes there are "yin sun salutations". In YinSights, I describe several slower flows, such this mini-sun salutation: ... tation.php. Also show is a lovely Cloud Salutation and a Moon Salutation. These flows will not work deeply into the ligaments, joints and bones as do the more classical yin yoga poses, but they are much calmer than most yang sun salutations.

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Re: re yin yoga pose

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sweesg wrote:why yin yoga don't have sun salutation ?
another reason the 'yin' aspect does not a sun salutation is that the cultural aspect of the Taoist traditions do not 'salute' the sun in the same way. 'yin' by its inherent nature is more in accord with the moon.
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I agree, if you want to move in a softer way through vinyasa: Moon Salutes are a lovely way to go. Shiva Rea has one with chants that are very soothing and slow. In practicing them I feel like the Yin aspect is more the bhavana, the feeling intention, of the practice than the tissue targeting action of floor bound Yin postures.
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