Is yin yoga an option for me?

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Is yin yoga an option for me?

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I am investigating yin yoga as a method of regaining normal function in my knee after having to have ACL repair and 70% of my medial meniscus removed a little over a year ago. I am also very interested in the meditative and balancing aspects of yin yoga from what I have read so far.
My main concern is if people who already practice this type of yoga think it may be an option for me. I am 40 years old and due to some pretty odd jobs in my past, have had major issues with not only my knee but also one shoulder, a hip and my back over the years. My sister gave me a more traditional yoga DVD but most of it looks like it would place too much stress on joints that are already painful.
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, as would tips on what to avoid should I move forward with this style of yoga.
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Is Yin Yoga right for me?

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From the sounds of your post, you are looking for healing and yoga can definitely help you in many ways. But, as much as we would like to believe we can find all our answers on the Internet, the reality is much harder work. You should seek assistance from a real live yoga teacher, preferably one experienced with your type of conditions. This does not necessarily mean you need a Yoga Therapist; a seasoned private yoga teacher should be able to give you a lot of direction. You should meet with her (or him) one on one and go over all your conditions. She will then work with you to see what can work (rather than what should work.)

I am not going to make any particular suggestion for you because I do not know you. You mentioned knee and shoulder injuries but everyone's recovery is a unique journey. However, I can make some generalized observations:

- yoga can help the joints, if done sensibly and with attention to the sensations
- yang yoga will help with mobilizing the joint
- yin yoga will help with strengthening the joint

Again, you need to work with an experienced teacher to see what poses and to what depth you should go. As you heal, that will change. Start gently but be persistent.

You may find it interesting to read what others have said in these posts about their knee and back injuries too.

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