Music for Yin Yoga

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Try to listen to music using specific rhythms, tones, frequencies, and intervals that will help to heal and recuperate quickly. Such as those sounds that I found in youtube from Music Nutrition by Anikiko. Like the sound of surrender, sound of transformation, sound of success and a lot more. Try their music, you might like it as well. :)
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Music choices...for YIN...

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I prefer instrumental music w/o for example James Hood's album Ceremony where he plays a wonderful Hang Drum. I also listen to a Spa ststion on my SIRIUS radio as i drive to work and often pull over to write down things i know will work and compile long playlists on Spotify that way. DJ Taz Rashid also offers a playlist each month and has some beautiful slower choices besides more dance-y get into sun salutation mode! :) Hope that helps a bit. And sometimes no music at all. Namaste, Liza
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I have a Yoga/Meditation playlist on Spotify. hope it will be helpful for you.

Could also suggest artists:
Rhythm of Mankind & Nature (ambient, chillout)
Edelis (new age)
Ashterra (space music mostly)
Music for Yoga and Meditation
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Hey guys, I've just released an album of ambient, instrumental songs that I wrote specifically for my yin yoga practice. I played everything on the album, did the field recordings (Australian bush sounds, birds etc) myself and even mixed it. It was a huge undertaking.

A few other yoga teacher mates have been playing it and given me some super positive feedback, so I thought I'd share it here! It's available free on Spotify and Apple Music, hell, I'll even DM you a link to download some WAVs or mp4s if you want! I honestly don't care about money when it comes to my music, just to know the art I worked on so hard for so long is being used to help other yogis deepen their practice, would mean the world to me.

Much much love! :) <3
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Re: Music for Yin Yoga

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Stephanie wrote:I am having trouble putting together an appropriate musical playlist for my Yin classes. It is hard to find the balance between having low key music that isn't too slow and depressing and putting in too much upbeat music that makes you want to flowing it out in sun salutations!

Do any teachers or students have a favorite playlist, artist or song that they could share?

Thanks in advance!
I found this melodic sequence on youtube and I found it fantastic in my sessions. Maybe it will work for you too.
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I use this amazing music, it comes with relaxing nature videos:
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Re: Music for Yin Yoga

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Hey there! I have a pretty reliable playlist of wonderful songs that you might get some inspiration from. There's a nice mix of contemporary, classical and traditional in here, so it could spark something for you ... lMm86gKZmw

Hope it helps. Enjoy!
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