Addressing concerns about Yin Yoga

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Addressing concerns about Yin Yoga

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The practice of Yin Yoga can generate many heartfelt opinions, from the euphoric to the demonic. Many students who have been practicing yin for years rave about the benefits they have received and how much they love it. But there are also many students, teachers and studio owners who believe the practice to be dangerous and ill-conceived. What is the reality? Should Yin Yoga be avoided by all and sundry or eagerly embraced?

The intention of the document Addressing concerns about Yin Yoga is to talk about many of the common critiques that I have heard raised against Yin Yoga. The document lists the concerns about Yin Yoga, and then provide insights and counterpoints. Sometimes the responses are lengthy and detailed, but often the commentary is brief and consists of links or pointers to more complete discussions already documented elsewhere. In this way, this overview document can serve as a directory of responses that can be updated as new discussions occur.

I hope you find this valuable. If you would like to provide comments about this document, please feel free to do so on this thread in the Forum.

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