Yin & Reconciliation Leadership Retreat and TT November

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Yin & Reconciliation Leadership Retreat and TT November

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Join Danielle Hoogenboom and Chastity Davis for this training that will disrupt, interrupt and broaden our ways, worlds, thinking and forms. Yin has the ability to cultivate transformative change and asks the major question "What do you need to reconcile in yourself?" Healing our own inner wounds is a warrior way that is long overdue and calling you deeply. Let yin yoga guide you in your own time and way as you reveal, reorder and re-narrative the tales in and around you.

Salt Spring Island, November 1-4th, 2019

Yin Yoga allows charges, stuck energy, old holding patterns and new awareness to enter the lands of your form. How do we acknowledge and greet these messages in our forms will guide and direct the next steps of our path. What does healing mean to you?

This course counts as a 20 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training and includes a certificate of completion under Love Light Yoga School. If you are interested in completing your full 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training, these hours count towards that or as CEU for existing teachers.

Reach out or find out more at http://www.lovelightyoga.com/events-ret ... ip-retreat
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