How to teach Yin Yoga to pregnant women

Check out this topic for women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or who just had a baby or for any other issues related to sexuality for men or women.
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How to teach Yin Yoga to pregnant women

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In another venue (FB) the question was asked:
  • wondering if anyone has any advice on structuring classes when you have one or a couple of pregnant woman in a class full of mainstream yogis. I just had my first 2 pregnant woman in class after 7 months of teaching and it threw me a bit as I tend to forget things when you don't use it. So i began doing research right after and started questioning what is the best way to structure a class sequence when it seems there are so many Yin poses on the back, belly, twists that are not recommended for pregnancy. I love twists and bananasana but doesn't sound like they would be recommended poses for after first trimester and another of my favorites to put in a class is supported bridge. I know we can use bolsters for sphinx and perhaps a seated twist in place of a reclined twist but any other insight anyone could offer would be wonderful.

Here is the reply from Diana Batts. Enjoy!
  • One of the benefits of yin is that there is time to adapt for individual practices. Once you have a few yin asanas to offer to pregnant students, you can still sequence the main group as you like but give pregnant women variations or completely different poses. Of course every woman and every pregnant woman is different. Some women enjoy being on their backs far into their pregnancies - or slightly tipped on their backs - and a gentle twist feels fine. They could explore banana on their sides draped over a bolster. Give them permission to listen to their bodies, come out early, go into squats, wide-kneed child's pose, frog and straddle pose, rest on angled bolsters, or even to move if that's what they need on that day. This week I had two women ready to deliver and the day before a women recently diagnosed with diastasis recti and there was still lots they could do. Remind them to listen to the advice they've been given by their doctors and midwives. After class consider asking them what worked for them and what was challenging so you learn even more.
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Well, Yoga can be a restorative and effective method of keeping the pain and aches of pregnancy at bay. It also helps prepare your body for childbirth. As with any physical activity during pregnancy, you need to ensure that you are practicing yoga safely. Great tips and poses pregnant women should know if you are engaged in yoga practice here. Cheers!
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