Yin yoga and mindfulness: a study

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Yin yoga and mindfulness: a study

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Yin yoga and mindfulness: a five week randomized
controlled study evaluating the effects of the YOMI
program on stress and worry

Frida Hylander, Maria Johansson, Daiva Daukantait & Kai Ruggeri

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Background and objectives: The YOMI program is a psychoeducational
training and physical practice-based program that bridges knowledge
from evidence-based psychotherapy with the practice of mindfulness
and yin yoga. It consists of 10 content-specific sessions and does not
include home assignments. The primary purpose of this randomized
controlled trial is to evaluate the effects of the five-week YOMI program
on perceived stress, worry and mindfulness in a non-clinical sample.

Design and method: In this randomized controlled trial participants were
assigned to two groups. Group 1 participated in the five-week intervention
twice a week while Group 2 was assigned to a waiting-list condition and
participated in the intervention after Group 1. All measures were
administered through self-report questionnaires, conducted via a webbased

Results and conclusions: The results of the study indicated significant
effects of the YOMI program on decreasing stress and worry, and
increasing mindfulness. Notably these changes were still present at fiveweek
follow up. Consistent with the hypotheses, results suggested that
the YOMI program established a group setting where individuals learned
to use tools and methods to facilitate better self-directed practice. The
study shows moderate to large effect sizes.
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