Dantien massage, press the reset button

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Dantien massage, press the reset button

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Hi Bernie, can you remind of what we did for this in our training? I just reviewed the posted sheet of sequence and saw this and I've been exploring the concept of Lower Dantien in my meditation practice.
With thanks, Mo
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For massaging the dan t'ien, we simple used light fists and patted the belly. You could go in circles, you could do the sides of the belly or even do the back body, working up to the lower ribs and massage the kidneys.

For pressing the reset button, you can read an earlier forum post here. To do it, it is described in YinSights as follows:
  • Pressing the Reset Button
    Make a fist with your right hand and stick out your thumb. Hold your right wrist with your left hand, and gently but firmly push your right thumb into the navel. Relax the stomach on the inhalations and push deeper. If pain occurs, stop.
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