Microdiscectomy L5 Post Surgery

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Microdiscectomy L5 Post Surgery

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After 6 painful years with a herniated disc compressing my sciatic nerve,
I decided to just do it. Have the surgery.
As a Teacher & Practitioner of Yin, it was truly my practice that kept me going for so long in that state of much discomfort. I guess you could say that I found 'ease in my discomforts', while on the mat. Off the mat, not so much!
The Swan's and Supported Butterfly became my 'signature' postures. Allowing time to invite me into the stuckness I felt and the need to decompress my lower lumbar spine. Reducing the fluttering of my postural muscles was my intention when I was on the mat.
I'm still in the recovering stage of post-surgery, leg pain is gone, but it's difficult to be on my mat at this time. No bending allowed!!
However, the Supported Butterfly {supine} while laying in bed, is extremely helpful!!
Sometimes, we have to 'allow' a Specialist to 'fix' us...and let yoga help with the healing.
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recovery after low back surgery

Post by Bernie »

Lisa - thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure this will be helpful for many others facing the same challenge that you faced.

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