Hanging from the hands, Thoughts anyone?

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Hanging from the hands, Thoughts anyone?

Post by dave »

I practice a large amount of vinyasa which is all pushing with the hands. And often poses have the wrists cocked backward, palmar extension, dorsiflexion. Which is not really what our hands and wrists are designed to do. I don't know of any effective counter poses for this, Padahastasana maybe, but that isn't much.
Sometime ago I started chin-ups or pull-ups for this. But I realized that I like simple hanging even better. And soon started to notice some changes. The article below was recently published it covers the benefits more than I was aware.

From Specialists to Humans:

It seems to me like this is a Yin pose. The whole body is brought into traction, particularly the spine, except for the neck. Even the hands, wrists and forearms which are used strongly here have aspects which are Yin.

It seems to me like a great idea. It fills in a part that may be missing from yoga. I am thinking this may also be helpful for a long list of common chronic injuries.
Any ideas or comments? Anybody else do this?
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Hanging around

Post by Bernie »

Hi Dave

At the 4th International Fascia Congress I happened to be on a panel with Dr. Stephen Gangemi, who came in and gave his talk barefoot. While listening to the other talks he mostly squatted in his chair. He is a great believer that our natural movements keeps us optimally healthy: crawling, squatting and hanging around. You might find this article of his interesting: it involves healing the shoulders and he uses hanging and climbing to provide the appropriate stress. Check out his website for his videos and trainings.

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hanging around

Post by Renee »

Hi Dave,

I am an active practitioner of yoga but also a passive one.
With all the chaturanga dandasana's, urdvha mukha, adho mukha's I think it is very helpful to do the yin poses for your hands, wrists and shoulders.
I will try the hanging.
Enjoy your yoga, be your body:)
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