seeking help from a professional with my spine issues 4 yoga

There are often many questions about Yin Yoga and specific spinal conditions. Feel free to ask your question here, or check out other posts or contribute input from your own experience.
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seeking help from a professional with my spine issues 4 yoga

Post by kosmopolyta »

hi everyone
i have some issues with my spine but i love yoga, so i was wondering if anyone here is a professional or can give me some contacts to ask to about how to safely do yoga and avoid the pain that my condition causes.
here is (it has been translated into english by professional transalators):

the physiological cervical lordosis is reversed with fulcrum at the fourth intersomatic disc.
the fifht intersomatic disc is dehydrated and reduced in height.
in c4-c5 mention of median disc protrusion-posterior lateral with most finding in the left.
in c5-c6 small median disc protrusion-posterior lateral with the most finding in the right.
in the limits of the width of the vertebral canal.
no signal alteration of the spinal cord.

reduced the physiological dorsal kyphosis.
initial dehydratation of the eight intersomatic disc.
not significant disc hernia.
no signs of compression of the nerve roots in the location of the conjugate foramen.
within the limits the width of the vertebral canal.
no signal alterations of the spinal cord.

i feel pain whenever i arch my spine up and down while i am on all fours, and every position that makes me bend backwards while gravitating on my upper back.
If any of you could help me or suggest anyone i can ask to, it would be great.
best regards
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Post by Bernie »

I forwarded your question to Maggie Reagh, a renowned yoga therapist and teacher trainer. Here is her reply:


I would recommend working with a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) in your community or online during the pandemic. As a Yoga Therapist, we would find ways that you could move pain free and gradually work towards being able to move in ways that you presently cannot. It sounds like forward bends are the way to start finding comfortable movement and that seems to match what you have written though a Yoga Therapist is not qualified to have an opinion on medical diagnoses. We are able to assess ways that you can presently move with ease, maximize those ranges of motion for you through Yoga and gradually move you towards the ways that at present at not accessible, in your case back bends.

I hope this helps you get the care you need!

Maggie Reagh, Yoga Therapy International, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500
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Post by kosmopolyta »

thanks you so much Bernie!
I will try to get in touch with her, seems like the best thing to do in these times of lockdown.
best regards!
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