Music for Yin Yoga

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I have a collection of soft music DVD's and love to play while yin yoga. You can play your favorite tracks while yin yoga. Yin yoga and listening favorite tracks improve my mood, stable blood pressure and prevent me from major health issues.
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I absolutely love the best CD for Yin (my point of view) is Musics Meditations. Very interesting artist with a great sense of improvisation. ... -gift-more
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Ludovico Einaudi

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Lately I have fallen back in love with the work of Ludovico Einaudi. Check out his The Royal Albert Hall Concert for your next Yin Yoga session. Delicious!


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There is a great artists names Stephan Micus,
his albums 'To the Evening Child'. and 'Life' are a good place to start
also the group 'Stars of the Lid' works
i am going to try some of the other artists mentioned
in the thread that i do not know,
talk soon,
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top ten songs for yin and quiet practices

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I recently posted this on my facebook page and there are lots of comments as well. Top ten songs for yin practice. Enjoy
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Brian Eno for quiet practices

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I have used many of the albums & musicians suggested here but I often go back to Brian Eno's
"Ambient 1: Music for Airports"
When he first composed this in 1978 he said that he was trying to create music "as ignorable as it is interesting." ....which i find is perfect for a Yin class!
I also use
"Ambient 4: On Land" and
"Music for Films"
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I recently used some new music in my Yin Yoga class and several students asked about it. It is a new work by Max Richter called Sleep, released this month. The full version is 8 hours long! He worked with a neuroscientist to create what he calls a "lullaby for a frenetic world". Obviously we didn't play the full 8 hour version but I extracted the "dreams" that had a lovely angelic voice floating above us. One student said it reminded her of her time in a convent. The BBC reviewed a performance of Sleep and you can find that review here. Yin Yoga teachers and insomniacs may want to check this out!
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oooo, after checking a couple of these out I know I'm going to find a lot of good yoga music on here =D
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Yin Yoga Music

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I use music for my yin classes as I really feel it sets the mood and can assist in moving more deeply into the practice. I love Patanjali Yoga Sutra (Chanting) by Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani (2011).

Thanks for sharing your playlists. I've used a few already!

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Relaxing music

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I find piano music the most relaxing, flowing through, freeing the mind and relaxing the body...
For example, and
Some teachers use the song Lucinda Drayton - "A Hundred Thousand Angels" during yoga meditation. Additionally, slow celtic music is calming down a lot too. One more method is stretched in time classical music - there are many examples existing on youtube, such us Beethoven's symphonies...
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Music with words for yin class

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Any suggestions for complete albums with words (English or Sanskrit) that would work well for a yin class. Specifically I'm looking for music suggestions that might help somewhat block or balance out a very loud cardio class that is in the gym space underneath the room where I teach yoga in a community rec centre.
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Eternal Ommmm

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One option to block nearby loud noise may be the album Eternal Om.
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This place is really great. I have learned a lot. Thank you for sharing
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Re: yin/music

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Frank wrote:In the yin classes I lead there is no music. At first some of the students asked why. I explained that I felt yin yoga lends itself well to the quiet in being a very meditative and contempative practice, so I choose not to use music and have the students concentrate on their breath as much as possible through the entire practice.
In my own practices at home - both yin and yang there is no music and this works well for me. Also I'm pretty lazy and now I don't have to try to make playlists or change them to keep them fresh. Stay safe-blessings to you and yours. Frank.
Me too. I use music at the very beginning but got the same question as the op did. Since then, I didn't use music when I practice. Actually, I didn't feel much difference with and without the music.
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Thanks everyone for sharing, I have checked a couple listed in here and there are quite some gems inhere.
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