Sacroiliac joint pain and yin

There are often many questions about Yin Yoga and specific spinal conditions. Feel free to ask your question here, or check out other posts or contribute input from your own experience.
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Sacroiliac joint pain and yin

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Hey there
Just a quick one to say hi and I love this sight and all your book Bernie, but I am hoping you might be able to give me a heads up on SIJ pain, anatomically and the best way to use yin to my advantage. I am a young fit and healthy 31 your old man. I guess I have over done it at some point with my yoga practice. Any advice would be ace. Many thanks
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SI joint pain

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I am glad that you enjoy our site. Cool.

Not so cool that you have sacroiliac joint pain. Unfortunately, unless and until we know the cause of the pain, it would be unskillful to offer any suggestions. There are many possible causes and many times, no one ever knows what causes their SIJ pain. The experts don't all agree on what happens in this complex area. There are many Yin Yoga poses that apply a stress to the SIJ, either compression (like Saddle) or tension (Squat), or torsion (Swan and Winged Dragon), but these poses may make your pain worse, not better, depending upon the cause.

Have you seen a professional health care provider about it? What do they think is the cause of the pain? First try to work out that, then decide what to do about it.

Sorry that I can't be more helpful.
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