Ankle Stretch

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Ankle Stretch

Post by jessofwight »

I'm struggling with the Ankle Stretch pose:

basically I can't see the picture in enough detail, what is the alignment of the feet?

The image seems to suggest quite a severe pronation to have the sole of the foot facing outward; thats neither accessible for me, nor does it feel healthy to try.

Instinctively a neutral alignment of the sole with plantar flexion on the ankle joint feels more correct, but it seems at odds with the image. Or do I need glasses?
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Ankle stretch and position of the feet

Post by Bernie »

The feet should be where you are comfortable. For some people that means they will be pointing in, for others they will point backwards. The important thing is to be sitting on the feet, thus getting the stress to the top of the ankles. That is the function of this pose: to stress the top of the ankles. How you position the feet is secondary to that, as long as there is no pain. Feet are very variable - no two pairs of feet are exactly the same just as no two bodies are exactly the same: go with what works for your body.

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