Yin Yoga, Meridian Theory and Five Element Healing training

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Yin Yoga, Meridian Theory and Five Element Healing training

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Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th March 2020 at Yogacampus Finsbury Park/London N7 7PH; 9.30am-5.00pm.
Cost £625; booking and more details here - http://bit.ly/2W1VILm

The aim of this course is to guide participants through a healing journey of the 5 Elements that along with the Yin Yang Theory underpin Chinese Medicine. This course will be a gentle introduction and our aspiration is that the learning will be a valuable tool for self knowledge and growth, which in turn can be used to deepen teaching practice. This course will suit Yoga teachers and all holistic therapists who are curious and open about Traditional Chinese Medicine. It will be taught by two very experienced teachers in their field who have worked together with this material.

The intention of this course is to introduce the participants to the Traditional Chinese Medical model. In doing so it is hoped that attendees will grasp the foundations of the medicine and how it unfolds according to the natural world. As the course will take place in the Spring, particular attention will be paid to the upward and outward energy of the Liver. This will include a closer look at the the plans and vision have for ourselves in the context of our lives and how we can support this energy in ourselves using Qi Gong, dietary therapy and acupressure techniques.

Each day will be dedicated to understanding a different element and this will tie in with a Yin yoga practice to support the learning. There will be a daily Qi Gong practice.

In words from previous participants on courses that Norman and Kate have taught together:
“A fascinating course. A wonderful experience with inspiring teachers.,
“The course was exactly what I was hoping for. Well balanced contents and very informative.,
“Very informative... Kate was fantastic at making something that is very complicated, very interesting and understandable.,
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Wait, that's going to be in March? In London?? When's the deadline to register for it? Because I'm in Russia right now and will spend most of my February in Hungary to insure this Budapest real estate but I should be back to Western Europe by early March. The thing is that I don't know when yet, so I'd like to book a place as late as I can, lest I want to have to cancel everything due to a little professional surprise.
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