Yin Yoga & Mindfulness - Advanced Teacher Training

This forum is for teachers and studios to announce any interesting news about Yin Yoga workshops, retreats and classes. This allows folks to add their information without having to wait for the Yin Yoga administrator to post the news. I would suggest to all posters - put the date of the training in the title/header. NOTE: this is only for Yin Yoga trainings: other trainings will be deleted.
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Yin Yoga & Mindfulness - Advanced Teacher Training

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Finding Stillness - Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Training

August 28 - September 1, 2019
Delight Yoga, Amsterdam (NL)

This Yin Yoga & Mindfulness training is for yoga teachers who wish to offer the yin yoga practice as a doorway into Mindfulness Meditation and Buddhist practices. The training will be offered in the form of an urban retreat, observing social silence. This experience will lead to a deeper understanding of the practice, allowing you to teach from a foundation that is solidly rooted within.

Basic Zen mind training will promote the development of self-inquiry, and cultivate a sense of well-being that is grounded in warmhearted awareness. Conscious communication practices will foster enhanced skills to genuinely connect with others, which are directly applicable in your teaching as well as in your daily life.
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