20 HR Yin Yoga Intensive - New Orleans- Nov 14-17,2019

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20 HR Yin Yoga Intensive - New Orleans- Nov 14-17,2019

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Durga Excursions: Yin Yoga Training Intensive
20 HR weekend immersion
Yin, Yang, and Mindfulness Methods
November 14-17

Cost: $500
* Earlybird Discount of $50 off until September 19, 2019

20 HR Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Course

https://durgaexcursions.com/new-orleans ... ember-2019

Yin Yoga is a transformative and rejuvenative practice that seeks to mindfully lengthen and lubricate the connective tissues by practicing the methods of stillness, mindfulness, and loving kindness. This practice is an opportunity for neuroplastic molding of the rest and digest function of your brain, empowering practitioners to beckon the brain into a restful and restorative Theta Brain Wave state to increase immunologic function.

Radiating with ritual, this integrated wisdom practice is a tool to rise to your intrinsic baseline of tranquility, recall your innate ability for spaciousness, and remind your system of its unique anatomical, structural, and emotional wholeness.

This training will focus on the cultivation of an enriched Pranic field and an in-depth investigation of Buddhist Philosophical Principles- which we mingle with psychological self-inquiry and awareness practices in Yin Yoga Asanas. This course offers advanced anatomy and physiology, Yin & Yang Posture Clinics/Asana Labs, Restorative Yoga, Neuro-physiology of the Autonomic Nervous System, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians, and methods for routine mindfulness.

We will weave in a special focus on three primary vital centers of the Chinese Meridian system:
Earth Element | Water Element | Fire Element

Beginners Welcome. Insight Seekers Welcome. Mindfulness Crusaders Welcome. Yoga Teachers, Yoga Practitioners, or those who have never stepped on to a Yoga Mat before: this training is for all of you

Topics Covered:
- Methods of Mindfulness & Meditation
- Yin Yoga: Principles, Anatomy, Asana
- Breath & Lines of Energy
- Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians & Organ health in Asana
- Buddhist Principles, Philosophy, & Psychology
- Mapping the Subtle Body
- Surya Namaskar: Rhythm Repetition & Ritual, History & Foundations
- Bandhas & Biomechanics

Dharma talks, yang and yin practices, inquiry exercises and mindfulness methods will be employed daily.

Daily Schedule:
Thursday, November 14: 7:30-9:30pm
Friday, November 15: 1:30-5:30, 7-9pm
Saturday, November 16: 12:30-4:30, 7-9pm
Sunday, November 17: 11:30am-5:30pm

register at:
https://durgaexcursions.com/new-orleans ... ember-2019

OR email info@durgaexcursions.com

“Love the connection between yoga and philosophical views, it helped me deepened my personal practice and understand the deeper meaning of yoga, deepen my general knowledge of connections through the body in different poses. I learned so much about my personal self and how to become stronger in my practice to ultimately be of service to others., -Practitioner, Samadhi Training March 2019

"As I have learned Yin asks the body to gently hold in a pose for an elongated amount of time so that there is a path carved for the mind and body to find equanimity; therefore bringing deeper awareness, unlocking the body's meridians and thus igniting the mind, body, spirit connection for a transformational and empowered healing process!"

“I have found newness in me, I have released oldness no longer serving me. I have more clarity in my life just from these past few days. Light has been shown on the dark places in me, really transmitting the dark to create light.,

“Thank you SO much for sharing your magic and knowledge. You inspired me to continue on this yoga journey and deepen my knowledge. I love the balance between the two of you, it was a beautiful mix of yin and yang. I felt really supported and treated as an equal. I love how egoless you both are. It proves to me that this practice takes time to understand and grow into the yogi I am meant to be. I also appreciated how often you checked in with the group and made sure we were all content. You show what it means to be a good retreat leader and inspired me to become the same one day, -Practitioner, Samadhi Training March 2019
Kali Basman & Kylie Roswell

Durga Excursions
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