Always be present

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Always be present

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I just want to ask everyone how you feel right now? How are you now? I hope everyone is in good health and situation right now.

And while we stay indoors, don't stop practicing Yoga. I was a nature lover, that's why I've practiced yoga outside before this pandemic happened. Surrounded by trees, plants and breathe fresh air. But now, doing yoga in my home, with such a small space makes me feel suffocated sometimes.

That's why I tried to listen to some relaxing and calming music while doing some yoga practices. And you know what, IT WORKS.
I didn't say, you SHOULD do it. But I suggest you just TRY it. To those who are having the same problems like mine, you can try this technique. It's very helpful.

These are the relaxing music I love to listen to while I do Yoga.

There's a lot of relaxing music, but these are my most favorite music from Music Nutrition.

Try it and you'll gonna love it!

Thank you and God bless us all![/url]
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