Help with yoga research participants

This section provides an opportunity to share scientific articles and studies that shine some light on how Yin Yoga affects us. When you post a link to a study or article here, please include one or two paragraphs summarizing the important findings and/or provide the salient quotation from the article. Please do not simply cut and paste the whole study: provide only links and your summary.
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Help with yoga research participants

Post by nadine »

Hey guys,

I really need some help recruiting participants who practice yoga! I am in my thesis year of a psychology degree, and I'm looking at how yoga and mindfulness influence relationship quality.

If you could help a lending help, you would really be helping a struggling student! You can find more info and the link below. Thank you!

Do you practice yoga? Are you over 18 years old and in a married/cohabiting heterosexual relationship? If you answered yes, we want to hear from you!!

It involves approximately 15 minutes of your time. You may be asked to complete additional measures if you play soccer or own a mobile phone.
There is also the opportunity to enter a draw to win 1 of 3 $50 Rebel gift cards!

Further information and access to the survey can be found by clicking the link below. ... WTqHLugdP7
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Do you still need volunteers

Post by MilenaZW »

Hi Nadine,

If you still need volunteers for your survey, and if it doesn't matter where in the world they are, I will participate.

With regards,

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