Desire to only teach Yin?

From time to time teachers and even students write some very interesting stories and thoughts about their Yin Yoga experiences. If you have a Blog you wish to share, please post a link to it here.
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Desire to only teach Yin?

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I am going through some transitions in my teaching path, and really listening to what my heart desires to offer. I have only been teaching since May of 2017, and I began with teaching a variety of different classes (Hatha, Flow, Ashtanga-based Vinyasa). It was great to explore different styles, and to develop my unique teaching voice while doing so. I have realized that I have such a pull, connection, passion, and understanding for teaching Yin Yoga. This being said - I have not yet actually taken a Yin Teacher Training course. However, I have taken the Yin components of 3 different 200hour trainings. And, I have been making my way through "The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga" - Thank you Bernie! And quite body, mind and spirit - are all guiding me to continue teaching the Yin path. I have since changed one of my Hatha evening classes strictly to Yin, and I am feeling so much more connected and authentic in teaching. question here is....

How many of us out here are solely Yin Yoga teachers? A lot of studios I have been to, have teachers who teach all different styles, rotating back and forth from class to class. I don't know if this is a silly question.... - but is it common for individuals to ONLY want to teach Yin? Is that where some of us here on this site, are in the same boat? I have so many different questions that could tie into this it OK to seek positions in studio, offering yourself as a Yin teacher only?

I am still teaching a Sunrise Flow class once a week - and I do really enjoy it - but there is something so different while I am teaching.....something only my heart can explain.

Is there any advice, from any teachers, who have made the decision to study, learn, live and follow the Yinside of offering/teaching?

I know this may be a question that has been dragged on......but I am super curious as to any insights that there may be on this topic! And maybe it seems so raw to me, as I am just having this realization --- after years of envisioning myself as a Vinyasa Flow teacher....and now to understand something so very different. I am daydreaming of holding meditation / reflective Yin workshops and retreats.

Haha. Oh Boy!!! Thank you everyone! And thank you Bernie :)
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Teaching only yin?

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Hi - your question is a good one. I suspect there are very few "Yin" only teachers out there. In the same way I don't think we should only practice yin yoga, as life needs a balance of yin and yang, I am not sure that I would ever want to only teach yin either. However, for real strong yangsters, more yin in their lives would be good.

When I started this Forum 10 years ago, it was a good place to get answers to this kind of question, but today I think you will get a better response if you post this on one of the Facebook Yin Yoga groups, such as the Yin Yoga Network. Why not try there and I know you will get many opinions on this!

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