Yogis, meditators and Apple iSelf spiritual beings of all persuasions have been lining up since midnight in front of Apple Stores throughout the USA hoping to buy one of the first of Apple’s revolutionary new personal spiritual enhancement systems known as the iSelfTM. The iSelfTM allows instant communication with your higher self as well as minute by minute monitoring of your heart’s level of compassion, understanding and openness. An app is available to help exercise the heart and increase its capacity for joy, peace and love. At launch, several third party apps are available that allow communications with other divine beings, such as Shiva, Jesus, Shakti, and the Buddha. Reportedly apps are soon to be launched that will include other great spirits such as the Prophet Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

This remarkable addition to Apple’s i-Series of wearable devices clips like a brooch onto shirts, blouses or sweaters right over the heart, where it can sense signals … (click here to read more …)





















Oops – sorry, this being April 1st, we didn’t think anyone would actually click the link! Unfortunately, the only place you can actually enhance your spiritual well-being is from inside your own heart, not by what you wear over it.

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